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What we will deliver. Upon completion of each level, you will: 


Level One: 

Learn WHY the pulpit is the most strategic place from which to lead, and HOW to leverage it to grow God’s church. 

Become skilled at a sermon grid, which will simplify your sermon preparation, captivate audience attention, and clarify every message you deliver.

Learn how to inspire the saved and reach the unsaved. 


Level Two: Learn why you should use visuals and create audience interaction to increase levels of attention, comprehension, and retention. 

Master visual preaching. 

Learn why you should use notes and how to use them without sacrificing eye contact. Learn why you should use and outline and how to use it to keep high-level attention and comprehension. 


Level Three: Learn how to find your best voice so that you communicate with power and clarity. Create a preaching and worship experience that people feel FOMA

Blog: Weekly encouragement to help you lead effectively from the pulpit. 


Podcasts: Weekly talks about preaching skills, techniques, and health to build your preaching chops. 


Sermon Preparation Small Groups: Join a pastor’s small group sermon preparation cohort. Prepare sermons together online and never prepare alone and without multiple minds contributing to your sermon. 


Meet our coaches 

We have highly trained coached who can come to your context and help you personally. 


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High Impact sermons