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Thru Leading from the pulpit you will:

-- Discover why the pulpit is the most strategic place from which you can lead, and learn how to leverage it for all its worth.


-- Become skilled at a preaching methodology [High Impact Expository Preaching ] that is designed to produce DOERS of the WORD and not hearers only.


-- Be trained to align your message to elevate congregational attention, comprehension, retention, and response. 


-- Be trained to preach messages that both INFORM and INSPIRE

-- Discover how to preach to build up the Sheep, and reach the Lost. 


-- Discover how powerful preaching is a SKILL you can learn and not just a TALENT with which you are born 

-- Find out how to remove the ceiling to your preaching power


-- Learn how to tell a story people can't resist hearing  

-- Discover how to preach powerful sermon series while preaching thru a book of the Bible

-- Realize the great hope for your church may not be another program or gimmick; instead the great hope for your church is your powerful preaching from the Word of God, and Leading from the Pulpit can get you there.

-- Learn how a pastor with below average leadership talent developed a preaching methodology that grew a traditional church of hundreds to become one of the fastest growing churches in can you! 

-- Leading from the Pulpit is designed to answer not only the WHAT questions about preaching, but also the HOW questions.  


-- Leading from the Pulpit is also designed to be your go to place for sermon ideas, sermons, and sermon series that can help you grow your church both qualitatively and quantitatively.  


Rick Blackwood, DMin, EdD served as the Lead Pastor of Christ Fellowship in Miami for 23 years where he continues as a teaching pastor. Under his leadership, the 103-year-old church grew to a multi-site congregation comprised of over 10,000 people from 70 different nationalities.

Rick is the author of The Power of Multi-sensory Preaching and Teaching and holds Doctoral degrees from Grace Theological Seminary and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, as well as an honorary doctorate from Trinity International University. He now leads the Advanced Expository specialization at Grace Theological Theological Seminary and serves as Guest Instructor at Wheaton College and Graduate School. 

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